Revedy IONM Medical Coding Automation

Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) coding is intricate, demanding both precision and efficiency. Traditional IONM medical coding processes are often slow and error-prone, leading to revenue leakage and compliance issues. Revedy introduces an AI-driven approach that transforms this critical task, offering a clear, measurable difference in coding outcomes.

90% Reduction in Coding Time Per Case

Users of Revedy’s IONM medical coding automation software highlight the significant time savings Revedy delivers, cutting down coding time from 10 minutes to 1 minute per case. But it’s not just about speed. Revedy’s AI provides detailed justifications for each IONM medical coding decision, fostering a deeper understanding and trust in the system’s capabilities.

Our Approach

Automate IONM Coding

Revedy offers a distinct approach to IONM coding, one that’s grounded in AI’s potential to understand, adapt, and explain. It’s about providing a tool that works with precision, backed by data security and tailored to each organization’s needs.

The Next Leap in IONM Medical Coding: How Revedy’s AI is Changing the Game

When you are ready to explore how intelligent IONM coding can improve revenue, accuracy and efficiency, Revedy has the industry leading solution.

Understanding Revedy’s AI:

Revedy’s system is built on a foundation of understanding. It’s not just about automating tasks; it’s about creating a dialogue with the AI. The system analyzes specific case details and coding rationales, providing users with explanations for each coding decision. This interaction is crucial for both training purposes and system refinement, ensuring that the AI remains aligned with evolving organizational practices.

Customization Is Key:

No two healthcare organizations operate the same, and Revedy gets that. It ingests organization-specific coding rules and payer requirements, applying them to ensure that coding is not just accurate, but also customized. This level of detail extends to billing preferences, such as pro-only billing for certain groups, reflecting the nuanced needs of different organizations.

Integration and Implementation:

Revedy is designed for integration. It works with existing systems through batch processing, app embedding, and data consumption via API, FHIR, and HL7. The implementation process is streamlined to integrate with current workflows without causing disruptions.

Technical Compliance:

Revedy meets the stringent standards of HIPAA compliance and has passed rigorous security reviews. This commitment to data security and privacy is a cornerstone of the platform, ensuring that patient information is protected at every step.

Performance Metrics:

Efficiency gains are quantifiable with Revedy. The reduction in coding time per case is just one metric that underscores the impact of the AI on the revenue cycle process. These improvements translate into tangible benefits for healthcare providers, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

Demo Offer:

A demo with Revedy is an opportunity to see the AI in action. It’s a live coding session that can use your data or sample data, providing an interactive experience with the system. The demo is a chance to understand how Revedy can fit into and improve your current IONM coding process.


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