Doctors and staff are drowning in paperwork.

Revedy can help.

Our cost effective automated CPT and ICD10 medical coding solutions enable your current medical team to code up to 10x faster within your existing record, billing, and information management systems.

Let us show you how intelligent medical coding can improve your revenue.

Revedy automates medical coding with the power of AI

Our highly scalable and customized SAAS 2.0 medical coding software is powered with artificial intelligence and a suite of automation tools to improve efficiency, reduce coding expense, improve accuracy, and delight physicians and admins alike.

If you’re struggling to hire and train coders, you’re not alone. Revedy can help.

Integrate Revedy intelligent medical coding software seamlessly with your existing solutions and measure the results.


Integrate Revedy software with Epic, Cerner, Athena, EHR, HIM, Telehealth Platforms and more.


Measure ROI with comprehensive real time and retrospective insights.

Revedy AI Medical Coding Software API


Customizable solutions capture expanded revenue opportunities in your current workflow.

Fully automate your medical coding workflows with Revedy AI Solutions

Automated CPT and ICD10 medical coding, with configurable solutions for HCC, provider training, and compliance.

  • Improve HCC capture with Code Notes
  • Interactive coding support
  • Generate notes with Scribe Services
  • Create notes from orders with Create Notes
  • Compliant and secure AI access for all with Healthcare AI Chat
  • Automatically code IONM from Cadwell, Natus, and Medtronic
  • HIPAA and HITRUST compliant
  • Extensive configuration options for large organizations AI Medical Coding Software is HIPAA Compliant AI Automated Medical Billing and Coding Software is HITRUST CSF Certified Automation Medical Coding Software Runs on Amazon AWS Secure Technology

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